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söndag 1 februari 2015

Dynamite, fireworks and ordinary gun shots

So ordinary Sunday then? Actually yes.
There is almost always a festa going on somewhere close to us. And since we are on a ridge with a valley below and there are several villages around us, and they love to fire dynamite when they´re having a festa. Why no have some fireworks as well while they´re at it.
Here is a party in our village celebrating Nossa Senhora Dos Anjos another name for Virgin Mary

There isn´t anything to small that can´t be celebrated. A saint, Independence day of some sort or just some kind of food like chourico for instace.
Another party in our village but know something more down to earth. sausage

Angola´s Independence day is celebrated in a restaurant in our village
Our neighbouring village Guisado also wants to have a party
Oh! here goes Barrantes-next village
Wine this time, in Barrantes
Another saint, Sao Bráz, is celebrated in our neighboring village Tornada
Here he is by the way
The list goes on and on.

Sundays and Thursdays are hunting days. So then we can hear gun shots as well. They are hunting rabbits and pheasants. All day long they´re shooting. This means our old Herman won´t leave the house for the whole day. He hates all kinds of shooting, fireworks and thunder. So today we left all the saints and sausages and shooting to the village people and went to the beach instead.

Have a good evening

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