tisdag 10 februari 2015

moving forward?

We have now been in Portugal for 10 months and we think we are moving forward when it comes to learning new things. We have learnt how the sewage system works. How many appliances we can work/run at the same time and how to prune the wine (more or less).

We have learnt how to find things, how to get to places and to light a fire real quickly. We know now what Cozido Portuguesa is (not good), how Jeropiga tastes (nice) and that Lars loves entremeada.
Cozido Portuguesa



We also think we have learnt some Portuguese. But today in school it felt that we hadn´t learnt so much after all. In April when we first arrived I started school immediately. The others in the same class had gone there since October the year before. When I arrived we started on chapter 4 in the book we have and I had to do the other chapters at home to catch up.

To our surprise we started to work in the book in this new class we´re going to. They normally do that on Thursdays, a day we normally don´t go. So the chaper they´re working on is chapter 3. So we are back one chapter in 10 months. It doesn´t feel we´re moving forward at all. What will happen on another 10 months. Chapter 2?

Today we feel tired.


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