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lördag 21 februari 2015

Lazy Saturday and paradise lost

Lars´s shoulders ached after all the cleaning of the tiles and building a new roof outside Casa Cabernet, from yesterday so we decided to take a day off and just walk the dogs, feed the chickens, get more fire wood from the adega, pay the bills and do some shopping.
Many tiles

I tried to paint my apples from the water colour course, not the ones who looked like breasts but two other pairs.

It is really hard to "paint" water colour. The pencils act one way. the water colours another and then there is the paper which isn´t always acting the way it should. Sometimes they all behave really badly. Too much water, too much paint and I who can´t remember what an apple look like.
not done yet but slowly getting there

another pair

It was even worse last Wednesday when we should sketch from a art book. My sketch wasn´t too bad but the landscape itself, OMG. My painting was "Paysage de Montagne" of Delacroix. It is on the Louvre btw. 

Here it is

my sketch

My painting, which has many more hours to go
After trying to paint the apples we went out to try to find a Thai restaurant we had read about. We´re so longing for some real thai food. But of course we couldn´t find it and the charger to the GPS was gone. When we looked in the car after the lost charger we found my mobile phone instead which had been gone for quite some time. So the trip wasn´t a complete waste of time.

We had a very late lunch at Mc Donald`s,  yikes.


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