tisdag 24 februari 2015

This must be paradise

This morning we decided to take a day off from clearing up debris, have a fire going, painting and all other things on the farm that is our normal everyday life. We took our much neclected dogs for a long walk instead.
the leaves are coming out plumtree

While walking it struck us that this is truly a paradise we´re living in and we couldn´t help wondering why people don´t come here this time of year. Spring time is a wonderful time if you like hiking, bird watching, enjoys flowers and culture.
flowers en mass
Of course the weather can be unpredictable but next week for instance we´re expecting about 20 degrees and sun. Isn´t that just marvellous. It seems like the nature is just exploding at the moment.

February 2015
Feb 2015

pretty garden in Salir do Matos


Come here and explore it is a paradise

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