lördag 31 januari 2015

New kids on the block

It is strange weather outside, quite warm but really windy and rain clouds that are coming and going. We both went down to Vivaci, a small shopping mall, in Caldas da Rainha in the morning. Our aim for this trip weren´t shopping but to visit MEO, our local telephone store which has PT, Portuguese telephone company, as its distrubutor. Lars had a problem with his phone which was easily solved.

My stomach was a bit better so I thought I could go with him. Well home again we had some lunch, soup (continuing on my more or less diet on fluids) After Lars strted to paint in of our apartments, Casa Limon. I went out to look at/for our new babies on the farm. They arrived last Monday and are so small in comparison to the other chickens.
New kids on the block
 The other chickens are so mean to the small ones. They are hardly allowed to eat and when they try the others come running and peck them. Peter, our neighbour who we bought the chickens from, says it is normal and that everything will settle in a matter of weeks. But I find it very hard to see and give the small ones extra food when the big ones aren´t watching.
Senhor Lars and Gracie fat and plump

Following me around

Todays view

What is coming up here?

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