torsdag 21 januari 2016

Two and a half dog

In June last year we lost our very much beloved dog Herman.
Herman on the beach-Foz do Arelho

We knew it was coming since he was almost 13 and was a quite big dog. But it was hard anyway-so hard. Afterwards we were devestated and took some time off. We didn´t have many bookings for June so when we had the feeling that he wouldn´t make it much longer we didn´t accept any more bookings and closed the place down for a couple of weeks,

Then we only had two dogs. Also very much loved of course but we said that we didn´t want another dog, at least not for a while.

In November I saw a dog that I had seen before. A dog with a broken leg. This dog was so scared and shy and wouldn´t even come close to get some food. It looked miserable and dragged his broken leg behind him in a twisted angle. I went out to try to catch it again. If it wasn´t possible to fix his leg maybe I could go to the vet and put him to sleep and put him out of his misery.

Unfortunately I couldn´t catch hime this time either. But when I tried to call him softly another small dog appeared. He had a friend. A small dog, clearly some podengo mix. This little fellow was super friendly and not afraid at all. I decided to catch this one. Maybe he had a home somewhere and maybe it would be easier to catch the other one too. But he ran away and I was left with the small friendly dog in my arms.

He is hard to catch-full of energy
We took him to the vet who stated that he was around one years old, healthy, had no chip and a wound around his neck. Probably from a chain that had grown into his flesh. I asked if we should try to find his owner but the vet didn´t think so. He said that if you leave a puppy with a chain around its neck and let the chain grow into the puppy the n you don´t deserve the dog. I just love our vet.
Who can chain a puppy?

So friendly

Not still for long

We took him home. The thing was tha he disappeared. Where was he?

To be continued.......

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