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torsdag 5 februari 2015

Picasso! Eat your heart out.

So yesterday was my first time as an artist. :) That is it was the first of four lessons/sessions in my course in water colour painting.

 A couple of years ago I got some pencils water colours and some paper from my husband as a bithday present. I had wished for that for a while, not that I have any talent nor ambition but still,  and finally I got it. These would come handy now as I was attending this course. I hadn´t really used them before because when I sat down to try I kind of froze and didn´t know where to start.

Of course I couldn´t find my thing now when I needed them. So I had to go to the course a bit earlier so I could pop by an artist store. There are quite many here in Caldas since it´s an artsy kind of town. Well I got what I needed and went to Agneta´s where the course was held. My legs were a bit shaky. What if I would be so much worse then the others or I can´t follow one instruction from beginning to end. Well there was no need to be nervous. Agneta is a very encouraging teacher and instructor.

Just to get us started we got a super easy ? task. Paint the rainbow from your memory on wet and dry paper. Just to get to know the paper, the colours and the pencils. It was easier said than done. A wild discussion followed.What colours should be in it, in what order and how many. My first attempt looked like a 5-year old had done it. Not only did it look like #5&5%&"# it was wrong as well.
I wonder how much they are worth?
Then we got to se how it should be and have another go. They didn´t look much better but at least the colours were in the correct order (more or less).

Not much better right?

Then we should try to paint two apples, a still life, on wet and dry paper. We didn´t have time to finish them before the last task. To paint them from our memory. They look, at this point, like two breasts.


So the last attempt on the apples, from my memory, on wet and dry paper. I think it became better this time and I am happy with my "development"

More apples
One apple I am happy with
The best thing with the course, beside the other wonderful contestants and the very skilled teacher, is that it silences my head and takes away my sadness. I am so looking forward to next week.

If any one of you out there would like to buy a rainbow painting, or two, please contact......


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