onsdag 8 april 2015

The most honest dentist in the world....

This is a scary blog. To go to the dentist hurts three times, first you got pain at home, then you go to the dentist and have a treatment, it normally hurts like hell and after this you have to pay a lot of money. It hurts both body and soul, so we always try to avaid to go to the dentist but sometimes you have to go anyway

Ase had a problem with one of her teeth so she went to a dentist last week to see what was wrong. The Portuguese dentists are known to be really good and they use modern equipment. Ase went to a dentist in our home town Caldas da Rainha and after x-ray she got the verdict from the dentist One of the teeth (the one that was hurting) has got a fracture all the way down. You have to take it out and make an implant. There was no doubt that there was nothing else to do because she had a lot of pain.

Before the dentist could start with the surgery the infection had to be treated. Ase got a price to have it done and we went home after visiting the farmacy to get all the medicine for the infection. Later that day Ase talked to a friend who suggested that Ase should have a second opinion from her dentist.
Yesterday Ase went to that dentist and got the same diagnose but the price was 2/3 of the first one. Of course Ase accepted. There was just one thing the new dentist didn´t have an x-ray so we had to go to Alcobaca to a clinic to have it done.

All these dentist we are talking about is private and have their own business models. If you are a dentist the best for your business is to have a lot of regular customers that are coming back year after year. In Sweden the dentists always have some advertisement of different tooth pastes and other products that are reducing the need of a dentist.
This dentist was really modern, effective and honest. When I was a child and went to the dentist I got a bookmark or a new toothbrush after the treatment. You always hoped for the book markThis dentist didn´t try to give away things to prevent bad teeth. They were very honset and gave you candy after the treament. This is a perfect business model and they didn´t hide there goal to earn more money. Of course I will go to the same dentist again when I have problem with my teeth.

After the dentist appointment we had a walk in a new area with the dogs and we alse went to a restaurant after saving a lot of money choosing "the first honest"dentist in the world.
A lot of candy afterwards so you will return
Senhor Lars
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