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fredag 13 februari 2015

Cleaning up in the garden

The weather are at the moment quite nice and it looks like spring if you compare to Sweden. Ase and I said this morning that it´s February in Portugal but it is more like May in Sweden, It´s lovely.

When spring is coming you are normally cleaning up in the garden after a long winter, it´s the same in Portugal. There is however a big difference between the cleaning up in Sweden and Portugal. In Portugal you have a lot of debris from the cutting of the palm trees, wine and euqalyptus. This is not often found in Sweden. We had a lot of help from Frank and Bernard our French friends. They are really good and keen gardeners so it comes handy since Ase and I aren´t that skilled in the garden.We all enjoyed ourselves in the sunshine and then we headed for a nice lunch in Coto.

Just look at the pictures, we didn´t finished it all but we have done a good amount of work today and we will continue on Monday.

Have a nice Friday evening and take care

Farm Holidays Silver Coast Portugal

The left over from pruning the palm trees

Frank burning leaves 

Bernard in action

The new veranda Casa Cabernet after cleaning

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