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tisdag 24 mars 2015

Farm Holidays Silver Coast

In April 2013 we went to Portugal the first time, at least it was my first trip to Portugal. Lars was there once to see a football game in 2009. It was Sweden against Portugal and he went there with a company. It was a short trip but he came back excited and happy raving about Porto and Portugal.

This one of my first entries on this blog, from November 2012 thoughts about moving to Portugal.
We knew we wanted to move somewhere and our thoughts were first to move to Greece after retirement. But slowly Portugal rose in our minds. thoughts about going to Portugal

Then we decided to go to Portugal Easter 2013 but before we went we discussed where in Portugal we wanted to live and when we could move.where in Portugal

These are our first thoughts about Lisbon Lisbon

Then at last we went to see our farm. We didn´t think at that time, that we would actually buy anything. We were just going to look. Our plan was to see many different objects and rent something for 6 months or so while doing it. But when we got to the vineyard it at first sight

We almost bought it then and there but it actually took almost a year until it was ours.

Now we live here since 11 months and love it even more even though we work as maniacs to renovate, clear up clutter and learn all the new things.
Who wouldn´t just love this.
our garden

newly built swimming pool

our volonteers soaking in the sun last summer

new verandas on some of the apartments

Farm Holidays Silver Coast
Casal Bougainville

2 kommentarer:

  1. Oh, I so love your blog about your place! Who would have thought that about the small Lars,my classmate for nine years. My cousin teased me when I was about 7 years old that I liked him... I see that he has become a handsome man and loving husband!!! And a good worker too with a wonderful wife!!!

    1. Hi Ulla
      Nice to here from you after all this years. Hope that everything is ok with you. We have a wonderfull totaly new life here in Portugal compare with our swedish life. It´s a lot of work and new challanges. Both I and Åse are realy glad that you like our blog (ok Åses blog I write not so often)