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tisdag 3 februari 2015

No stress

At the moment there are no tenants in the farm. This gives us a possibility to share more time with friends and our lovely dogs. Today we were in Nazare with our friends Yvonne and Condor. We had a long lunch and a lot of laughs, it´s really nice to not have a watch that says that you have to run away to a meeting or any other apointment.

When we got home we took our dogs for a walk and toninght we are going to read a book or watch TV or just relaxe. It´s really nice to have a calm day without any stress. Back in Sweden this never happened. I think all people needs a day once in a while without any stress. You just eat and sleep when you feel to do it.

As we moved to Portugal there has been a lot of stress situations, the language, the farm, the business, the tenants .... but there has also been a possibility to take one day totaly off once in a while. Today there has been a day without any stress, a lovely day

Take care and don´t stess


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