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söndag 22 mars 2015

Where do we live?

Little over one year ago we bought our beautiful farm in Portugal and a dream came true. We are now the proud owners of a piece of Portugal with about 120 fruit trees and 2200 vines. There is a main building and four apartments for letting. We have a wonderful view over the hills and mountains and the valley below. So far so good.

We have a problem. We don´t know where we live. Well that isn´t entirely true since we are able to find our way home but we don´t know the exact adress of our property. How can this happen because there was an adress on the deed when we signed it. It read Rua das Carrascas 9. We didn´t question it because we had no reason to doubt it. A small piece of our land is on that road, the land on the right after the dustbin. There is another road going down to the right and it has another name.

Rua das Carrascas.
The gravel road going down is....
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A larger piece of our land is along this road. Some of the mail that turned up in the beginning had both adresses on them. So what was the proper adress?

One day one guest called and said that they were standing outside Rua das Carrascas 9 and it wasn´t our house.A mystery started reveal itself. The very next day we went to this place and asked the people who were there. It isn´t a place where someone lives but they keep cattle there.

Yes that place was Rua das Carrascas 9 they said and pointed on the number on the wall. Your place is Travessa das Carrascas 9.

We don´t live here

but bovinos/cattle
We thanked them and walked away. Aha! Travessa das Carrascas 9 is our adress. We were relieved that we finally got it right.

We learned later that this was wrong because when we were going to pick up some documents from the freguesia they told us our road didn´t exist. So where do we live then we asked. They had to send the top guy from the freguesia to have a look.

The very next day he came and stated that we live on Travessa da Bica. He wasn´t sure about which number.

So this is where we live.
The week after we went to the freguesia one more time to have the remaining paper we needed to seek recidencia in Portugal. To our surprise the adress on the papers was Rua das Carrascas 9. Back to square one as it seemed.

When we questioned it they said that since that adress was on the deed we had to go with it or change the adress in all official files and records. We just kept quiet and didn´t say a thing.

Still don´t know our adress and probably never will find out either. The mail man finds us and if we don´t drink too much wine we can still find our way home.

Have a wonderful afternoon

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  1. It is wonderful to live the dream. Enjoy. Love this story, so typical, we had a similar problem lol

    1. Hi
      It would have been interesting to hear you story :) and how you solved it.

      Regards Ase