måndag 16 februari 2015

Good review ....and work


Ase has been working realy hard during this winter to "put" our farm on different sites on the turism map. One very important thing, if you want to get bookings is to have good reviews from guests. If you don´t have a good review you will not get guests. If you don´t have guests, no one is going to write that, very important review.
A couple of weeks ago we had an American couple living in Casa Periquita, Heidi and Toby. He is a professional surfer and he is searching for the big waves in Portugal at the moment. When they stayed with us it was mainly in Nazaré he was looking.They were a marvellous couple and we had a good time having them as guests on our farm.

Today we got our first review on Airbnb. And it was a really good one... just look.... This review was from Heidi and Toby

Ase and her husband were amazing. Very nice and hospitable. The view is incredible as well. I had a couple problems with my car there and they helped me out and pretty much did all the leg work. You will enjoy walks around the vineyard and talking with the family. The house is very comfortable that you will be staying in and so relaxing. Its the perfect get away place and would highly recommend this place. Thanks again for the fantastic experience

Toby Cunningham in action
Toby is that kind of guy who is absolutely crazy but fun. Once he swam/surfed with orcas/killer whales.

Adilson and I fixed the roof where the trumpet creeper had tried to break into our house. Then our very good friends Franck and Bernard were here and helped out with closing  a hole in a wall where there used to be a door, getting rid of dry bushes and branches in a big fire and helping us with our very big garden

Have a lovely evening


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