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lördag 14 mars 2015


Today we decided to take a day off from work and take the dogs for a walk. It was a bit windy when we started but it soon got nice and warm. We left our beautiful quinta around 10. In about three weeks all the apples in front of her will be be in bloom. But it is beautiful anyhow.

Here she is
 We went downhills towards Rio Tornada, took right on the gravel road along the river. But before we got there we had to pass our neighbour and his brother in law. They were standing outside their house with a man who was putting stones back on their small road leading up to the house. They asked if we wanted some vintage port. We didn´t really want any since it was 10 in the morning but couldn´t say no. So there we were sipping port, a very fine one, but still.

Lars just before the port
Rio Tornada
nice cork tree

Cherry trees

We passed orchards, farmers working on the fields cork trees and fields with flowers.

beautiful landscape
Then we got to Salir de Matos where we had a coffee. The dogs got some water.

Where we normally take our coffee whenever in Salir de matos

Resting in the sun
I would like these around our walls on the farm

Many houses have beautiful gardens
Lovely derelict house with a cherry tree
Then we went home and had a nap.


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