måndag 23 februari 2015

Going to the gym?

Every night I come in after a hard days work. I´m so tired and have some acke in my back. I´m not complaining but there is a lot of work and you have to give your best to get everything ready for the season.
ok to eat

Can I have them all?

working hard for the money

It is a hard life

sweaty and dirty




I have some questions if you are going to the gym. The first one is why don´t you come and work at the farm instead? The second question is why pay a lot of money when it can be for free? At the gym you pay a lot of money to get in shape but if you will help in the farm it´s free and you also get some wine or perhaps a beer after finishing the work.

Today we had help from Bernard and Richard (France and England). I just have one problem about having them here, the language. Bernard doesn´t speak English and Richard doesn´t speak French and neither do I.

Today there was no problems whatsoever because both spoke the same language when we were working. Both understood what we were up to and the work went smoothly. I think both of them were thinking of going to he gym before we met but both are working out with different things on the farm. Today we were making a big fire after all pruning of the wine.

I have, after working at the farm for almost one year become more fit than I was 15 years ago without paying a lot of money so why go to the gym. I think Bernard and Richard are more fit after all work today than they were before and we had a lovely day together today. After we had a beer and you then can drink it without feeling guilty. So there is an option to the gym don´t you think?

Best regard
Sr Larsson

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