måndag 9 februari 2015

The red devils


I´m not talking about Man U but the real little red devils that eats and kill the lovely Phoenix Palm trees.

the "little red devils"
In Algarve there has been a big problem with the red  palm weevil. Many palm trees that have been attacked and killed. Now this problem has occered in our region as well. In Sao Martino do Porto and in Nazare a lot of palm trees have been infested and had to be chopped down and destroyed.

We have 5 Phoenix Palm trees on our farm and we have been a little bit worried. What can we do to protect our gorgeous palm trees? Ase read on internet that you can treat the palm trees before they have been attacked by "the little red devils"
We went to our local store in Caldas were we buy all our equipment for the wine, fruit trees and the garden. We got a product that we should apply twice and the "little red devils" would not try to take our palm trees. Here are some pictures of the first pruning of the palms and the first treatment. There will be one more spraying of the palms and hopefully there will be no "little red devils" in our farm.


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PS the music to the film is a bit strange don´t you think..

Management of Red Palm Weevil - www.redweevil.com

Me pruning the palms

after pruning

the treatment

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