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måndag 2 februari 2015

Back to square one

Not a good day today- not particularly bad either. Just a day when nothing seem to go your way, or in this case my way.
For instance I have been trying to place ads about our wonderful turismo rural on Marktplaats, which is a second hand online market in Holland. I sarted with it yesterday, wote in English and had a real hard time struggling to understand all written Dutch. I succeeded in the end, with the help of Google translate. The photos were in place, the text was written, I just had to go to the paying section. STOP! The only way I could pay was with a Dutch bank account, which I obviously don´t have.

The I mailed them and asked if I could pay with a credit card and got a ridiculous answer back. I
didn´t become any wiser. So all that hard work was for nothing.

Ok let´s make orange marmelade instead then. That I at least understand. Tried a new recipe, peeled and chopped and boiled and boiled. Bitter and not very nice at all. It looks nice but tastes like shit.

I think I better go to bed instead and pull a blanket over my head.

Tomorrow is new day, eh?

This winter´s last bougainville?

I think I will walk this road tommorrow instead

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