torsdag 19 februari 2015

schools out?

We´re giving up. Packing it up. No more.
School is as it feels right now, boring. It doesn´t feel we´re moving forward in school at the moment. Besides it is in the end of the day and then we´re tired. If we could choose we rather be in school in the mornings when we´re not so tired.
not from today, December 2014

Jan 2015

pork barbecued, soon done

meat sauce, almost ready

Wednesdays are supposed to be a bit harder but then I am on water colour course so that is not an option. Maybe I will find a private teacher for an hour a week or so. I want to have a strict teacher so when you go you have a slight anxiety attack because you haven´t studied enough. I want to sweat and feel like I have worked oh so hard. I don´t feel that right now. More about that later.

The weather today was absolutely gorgeous, about 17 degrees and a lot of sun. Unfortunately I couldt enjoy it much since I had to do the grocery shopping. Then I went home to cook lunch for tomorrow. Our workers Natalia and Adilson will work tomorrow and then lunch is included. Our friends Bernard and Franck will also join us and help on the farm.When I did the shopping I also bought a big piece of pork so while at it I made barbecued pork as well. That will be lovely over the weekend. After that it was time for school. So not much sun today but if we´re lucky the sun will show itself tomorrow as well.

sunny day

Well I don´t know what happened to the text above but I don´t have the energy to change it.


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