February 14 around 3.30 pm. There was a shooting at a meeting in Copenhagen where the Swedish artist, Lars Vilks and the French ambassador François Zimeray were attending. There were about 40 shots through a window and man who was passing was killed and three police officers were wounded. This is considered as an attack towards the Swedish artist who in 2007  made some drawings of a dog with the face of Muhammed on it. This was of course considered as an insult by the muslims and draw a lot of attention from all over the world.
1 am. Sunday morning a shot was fired towards a synsgogue in Copenhagen where a Jewish man was shot and killed.
The Danish muslim population is threatened and scared and many are considered as terrorists after this incident. 

This young Danish man takes action but not in the way you might think. His signs says (for those of you who doesn´t speak Danish) "I am a muslim. I am considered a terrorist. I trust you. Do you trust me give me a hug."
When I saw this I started to cry. What a brave man and what lovely people there are still out there even if it doesn´t seem like it sometimes. I see things on Facebook that I don´t want to see or read and from people who are my friends sometimes. It makes me sick to my stomach. In this age of terrorists, I mean the real ones, that people still believe that all muslims are beating women and shoot people, when there are just a few. as there are only a few christians doing it.  
Wake up!