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lördag 14 februari 2015

Dia dos Namorados-Dia de Sao Valentim

San Valentines Day, or in Portugal, Dia dos Namorados, or in Sweden, Alla hjärtans Dag.
So I didn´t get any flowers today. Nor did I give any to my husband. What I did get was orange juice from our own sweet juicy oranges. They are just perfect at this time of year. I also got a boiled egg, not more than 1 days. So fresh and healthy. I got coffee, toast and home made lemon curd as well. This was for breakfast I might add.
our home made lemon curd, what a colour

Yesterday It was Friday the 13th and I am not supersticious but so many bad things happened yesterday so then you start to wonder. Our friends Franck and Bernard was here and helped out in the garden. That wasn´t bad of course but so very kind of them. But when we started to prune the big trumpet creeper in the front we noticed that it had crept under the tiles on the roof. No wonder it was damp and moldy in the bathroom. Lars and Bernard had to take away some tiles and mend the roof provisionally. Om Monday Lars and Adilson will try to fix the roof but it will set us back time wisw a bit. 
trumpet creeper, beautiful but not good for your roof

Not only did this happen I lost my dear necklace that I got from Lars when we got married. We looked everywhere for it but couldn´t find it. I am so sad for this. So it was ruly a bad day for us after all.

Tonight we´re going to Restaurant do Coto and have a Valentine´s dinner just the two of us. 4 courses and coffee and espumante just 12.50. We hope the dinner will be lovely.

Nice menu for tonight

Happy Valentines to all of you

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