onsdag 4 februari 2015

work work and more work


In the winter you should have a nice time, no stress and just a little bit of work. That was what all our neighbours and friends have told us. Yes they are right of course if you don´t have an agro turismo to promote and have to place it on different marketplaces and of course if all the apartments are in a good standard and in no need of renovation. And ours are, all of them.

We have been working like idiots to find the right marketplaces for our Agro Turismo. Today we tried to get into Holland on the web page Micasu, After more than 5 hours work we haven´t succeded yet. Everything is in Dutch and Ase and I speak absolutely none Dutch so every little thing has to be translated so we know what we are describing.
For instance

Geef op de kaart uw omgevingstips voor de huurder aan. Sleep de oranje indicator naar de juiste locatie en geef een toelichting over de tip.
Place on the map markers as tips for your guests what to see and do (more or less)

Beside this we have also been painting in one of our aparments. There is a lot of painting to be done, both indoors and outdoors and it seems like we never will be ready in time for the season.

Are we complaining and say that it is too much work, the answer is NO but there are a lot of things that have to be ready before the next season and this is our first year as owners of the farm.There are so many things that we must have in mind all the time, there are no one else than us so we have to take care of everything by ourselves and it´s really hard but exciting.

For all of you that have been reading our blogg, we can tell you that the "new kids on the block" are coming on really good and they have already become a part of the pack. Soon we will have more eggs than we can eat.

Have a nice evening

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