torsdag 29 januari 2015

40 000 readers+ 1 diverticulatis

Today we celebrate, well we don´t actually celebrate anything since I have the worst stomach pain ever, that we have had 40 000 readers on our blog. It isn´t bad at all. Well I read somewhere that a young girl (14) has over 80 000 readers a day. That is somewhat better. But we are proud anyway and still think it is amazing that we have any readers at all. So thanks to all of you readers.

I spend a couple of days in hospital in August. We had friends from Sweden here when I started to feel my tummy ache; not their fault though haha. It got worse and I had to go to the hospital here in Caldas da Rainha. I thought it could be urin infection but the doctors said that it was acute diverticulatis, which I never heard of before.
I was admitted to the hospital and had to go to the old thermal hospital because they were doing some renovations on the ward I belonged to. The smell in that hospital is horrible due to the sulfur in the water. I was going to stay for 5 days but couldn´t stand it more than 2. I got an IV pole with some kind of nutrient solution, antibiotics and pain killers. No food or drinks.
Do you feel the smell?
The last days my daughter visited from Sweden and then the "old" ache came back. What is it with those Swedish people visiting? Now I am scared that I have to go back to hospital yet again. I know what it is this time so no examination is necessary, just prescribe the antibiotics please. Do you think they will do that? I don´t.

Keep your fingers crossed that this will go away by itself and that I will nice and dandy in the morning.


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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed! Get well soon!

    1. Thanks. I am trying to solve "the problem" with no solid food, only liquids, soup, tea, some Greek yoghurt and nyponsoppa.