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måndag 5 januari 2015

Lunch and volonteers

Today we threw a lunch for some Swedish friends we have met here in Portugal. Last year when we were here (we didn´t actually own this place yet at that time) they turned up on our doorstep. It was very cold and damp in here then and not so nice, They thought it was a huge difference now. Dryer, warmer and lighter. The new recuperador is working wonders.

We had a wonderful afternoon together and it seemed as they liked the food we had cooked. It was my first attempt on a Pavlova with lemon curd, whipped cream and strawberries. Unfortunately we don´t have any photos of the event because we forgot to take any. But the Pavlova looked a bit like this.

Now we are waiting to go and collect our two new volonteers from Sweden. They are arriving in Caldas da Rainha around 22.25. They were supposed to have been here 4 pm. but something went wrong with one of the guy´s passport so they missed their flight and had to rebook.We just got back from their apartment, where they´re staying when they´re here. We put a fire on and have put in two radiators. The temperature was 13 degrees in there 30 minutes ago. I think they will have a complete shock. Hopefully it will be a bit warmer before they arrive. Now they might understand why I kept going on about bringing pjs and slippers hahahahaha

I hope I can stay awake until they arrive.

Have a wonderful evening

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