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lördag 10 januari 2015

Bad bad girl

So now we have been here almost nine months. When I arrived in Portugal in April 2014 I immediately started school, that is Portuguese school. Twice a week i went even though I had just arrived and had tons of stuff to do, a vineyard to run and guests to take care of. (Not that many, but still). The school had started in October 2013 so I was a bit behind but I managed, one way or another, to be able to hand in there.

In June theschool ended for the summer and it was a relief in a way because we were so busy with everything. After a while we wanted to get back again to learn more.Then we waited and waited for the school to start again. In the meantime we didn´t get around to study or anything just to work and work.
Now the school has been on since the beginning of October and they have classes 3 times/week, which is a bit too much for us so we just go 2 times.

Sometimes I buy our local paper and try to read it and I can understand small parts of it but not all. We don´t study anything at home, too tired or no time so the progress to this quite hard language is slow.
Then I read this blog, written by a Swedish woman, living in Portugal. She has been here about 18 months and is READING novels in Portuguese. Not one, nor two but 5 novels. Good God I admire her.
A person I admire

So here are my "books" that I read, (or should have)

Going to bed. Tomorrow I will start to study. No more wine sipping for me at night.


4 kommentarer:

  1. That´s very flattering, to be a person someone admires, but you must remember that I knew Spanish before I came to Portugal, and that helps a lot, since almost 90% of the vocabulary is the same. Also, I´ve had to make a real effort because my children attend portuguese school. As to reading novels; reading comprehension is the easiest part. Understanding spoken Portuguese is harder. Speaking Portuguese is also pretty hard, and I still have a long way to go before I feel confident when it comes to expressing myself in writing in Portuguese. PS. I sip wine almost every night! / Åsa

    1. Hi Åsa
      I still admire you.
      When will you visit?

  2. We´ll see! Maybe we´ll go north to see the big waves in Nazaré some weekend! Running a guesthouse and a vineyard is pretty admirable too! (:

  3. Hi Åsa
    You must visit! Maybe you can say hi to our guest.