onsdag 7 januari 2015

Bye bye to a friend and the first day of our volonteers from Sweden


Today we meet our friend Annelie on the beach of Foz do Arelho together with our dogs, We had a lovely morning and all the dogs was running a long in the waterfront. Annelie has lived in Portugal for almost 2,5 years but she has decided to move back to Sweden. Annelie has helped us with a lot of things in the  begining of our stay in Portugal and we will miss her a lot. Hopefylly Annelie will be back soon and stay together wih us on the farm.

After this meeting it was time for our Swedish helpers to make their first day of laber on the farm. Robin and Victor were very entusiastic and did a lot of work on their first day, Victor clean up in the area infront of one of the apartment and Robin was painting. After their first working day Åse took them to the supermarket to buy food. They decided to have meetball and spagetti to dinner today and I helped the boys with a tomato sause, I hope that the boys were pleased with me help,

Sorry that we don´t have an pictures, there will be more tomorrow

Looking forward to a new day tomorrow


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