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onsdag 14 januari 2015

The coolest guy at the farm


Today there has been peace between the two "kings" on the farm, Sr Lars the roaster and Herman the top dog.

This morning Sr Lars was really upset. All the chickens tried to calm him down after Herman´s last entry in the blogg. We were forced to give extra treats to Sr Lars. He had a lovely cake and after this he was calm. Herman was more calm and took a walk in the garden as usual and barked at every one who was closed to the farm.

Today Åse was in the park with Lennon in a dog walk class. He was as always the star in the walking class. Lennon dosn´t care about the "king" discussion.  Lennon says It´s a  really stupid discussion because he just cares about a good walk and a good morning and evening meal. "If I  have a good meal I´m happy, so Sr Lars and Herman can argue about the king discussion, I don´t care because I´m the coolest of all guys" says Lennon

Have a nice evening all readers

Regards "the coolest guy" at the farm, Lennon

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