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lördag 17 januari 2015

Surfing Portugal

Hi to all of you

It was an exciting day yesterday. Our first American guests were about to arrive and we had made everything ready for them. This was our first booking through airbnb Casa Periquita on airbnbWe had cleaned the apartment thoroughly, put in new flowers. home made organic fig jam and some fresh oranges from our trees.

Ladda ned kök.jpg (435,9 kB)
Kitchen Casa Periqita

They had said they should arrive around 2 pm. so around 1 pm. we sat down for lunch. I had just strted on my soup when our friend Yvonne came and said that the guests were outside waiting. We hadn´t heard them because we had our lunch in the barbecue house.

Well they were absolutely charming and we showed them to their apartment, Casa Periquita. We had a nice fire in the log burner for them so it was nice and warm in there. CasaPeriquita is one of our two apartments that can be rented during the winter time.

Well our new guest was a professional surfer who travels the world to surf. He had come to Portugal for that reason. The waves in Nazaré are really big during the autumn and winter and he was super excited to try them. He really liked the location of the farm, nice and quiet and close to many of the best surf spots. We are quite in the middle between Peniche and Nazaré.


Nazaré-Here McNamara world record about 2 years ago
McNamara world record-the film

If you are interested to book you can contact us book an apartment

Good night

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  1. How cool is that?! I would love to have professional surfers come to stay at our house! (:

    1. Hi
      Yes it is really cool. He has showed us som photos and wow.