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söndag 25 januari 2015

Beautiful day


We are sorry that we haven´t been updating this blog for a couple of days but we have been really busy with the pruning of the wine and we have also a short visit from Ase´s daughter Madeleine.

We have told you about the wine in a previous blog so there is not so much more to be said about this, more than it has been a real pleasure to start learning more about the pruning. You have to see how the plant is growing and see where the weak spots are before you cut them. After 3 days of cutting both Ase and I know a whole lot more but of course we have much more to learn.

Today we took a day off at our newely "found" beach Salgado. It was an amazing beach, probably over 4 km long and all sand. We were almost alone on the beach and the dogs were playing a long. It´s amazing to walk completely alone beside the Atlantic ocean on an enormous beach, You have to explore it on your own. It is impossible to make it justice.
Salgado Beach

Madeleine, Lars and two of the dogs

After the walk we had an lovely sunday lunch at a restaurang near the beach
Tasca do Janeca

Have a nice day

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