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lördag 3 januari 2015

Another veranda


This blogg are going to be short because I´m tired after a day´s hard work. Today we also had help from our friend Richard, an expat living close by.

The second veranda, Casa Cabernet is almost ready. The new tiles are in place and we will continue with a bit of painting and building a new fence around the veranda. We hope to be ready with all this very soon. It all depends on the weather and the forecast is good. There is no rain for next week and the temperature during the day will be around 15.

All flowers are starting blossom and it´s lovely outside during the days. In the nights it is a bit cold but our fireplace is good and doing its job so we are nice and warm anyway.
Casa Cabernet - New veranda, Adilson is such an expert

Herman and Senhor Lars enjoying the sun

Roses in the garden

Yelow flowers ..... I don´t know the name

We will keep you all updated of the work and we hope that all of our guests will have a wonderfull stay at our farm.

Best regards

Farm Holidays Silver Coast Portugal

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