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måndag 26 januari 2015

Water colour course Portugal

We have already made many friends here on the beautiful Silver Coast in Portugal though we have only lived here for a little more than 9 months.

When we moved here I thought we would be very busy during the summer since it is when we have the main part of guests here. I reckoned I would have so much time over during the winter to do all the things I had always wanted and dreamt about. To learn to knit finally, do yoga, cook a lot, and to start to paint water colours.

But the free time hasn´t really arrived yet, too much to do, cook for workers and try to unpack our things from Sweden.

But then I met a new friend, an artist who has lived here in Portugal a long time. We talked and I learnt that she is giving painting classes in Caldas da Rainha. So next week I am starting a painting class in water colour. I am so excited about it but also a bit scared. Of what I don´t know I just am.

We also talked about maybe get together and do something, like painting holidays here on our farm. Wouldn´t that be fun? The people attending could stay here on our beautiful farm, in our apartments, have breakfast with our fresh farm eggs, home made marmelade, freshly squeesed orange juice and so forth, and she will give classes each day. At the end of the week we can have a big barbecue in our barbecue house. there are many things we could do. So keep an eye open for details on our web page.

Our web page

And keep your fingers crossed for my first attempt on water colours.


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