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fredag 30 januari 2015

Good morning

After a good night´s sleep I am somewhat better today. I took a pain killer last night, the ones I got last time when I got out from the hospital. There was no solid food for me yesterday after the small piece of toast I had in the morning. So today it is a bit better.
Breakfast was a Swedish speciality, rosehip soup (nyponsoppa) a small cup of coffee and little youghurt with apple sauce. Not really hungry which is good.

Busy day today with three persons coming in to work. Natalia and Adilson are our regular ones. Natalia is cleaning our guests´apartment, changing linen and so forth and Adilson is helping Lars with all construction work, plastering and painting. It is very hard to catch Natalia in a picture because she is always hiding when we are trying.
Adilson doing new floor on the patio outside Casa Cabernet

Adilson painting outside Casa Limon
Our good friend Richard is also coming. He likes to hang on the farm and help out with different things. He is a retired expat and hasn´t so much to do. But that is good for us because we get a lot of help from him.
Richard celebrating his birthday
So we will serve lunch for 5 today, hearty rich and warming lunch. It is raining and the wind is awful today so the workers will need it,

Keep you posted.

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