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måndag 19 januari 2015


Hi followers

This year is our first year to take full responsibility of the wine. Ase and I don´t know much about pruning the wine but we both like to drink it. So today was our first day of learning how to do it. We had a great teacher, Idalina a Portuguese woman. We also had help from two of our new friends from France, Bernard and Franck. They have become such good friends in this short time we have known them. They only speak French, Idalina only speak Portuguese and we speak Swedish. You can imagine the difficulties we´re enduring, all of us. These language barrier wasn´t the most difficult thing we had to go through today. Learning how to crop/prune the wine was worse. But we´re learning and are getting better so next year maybe ???
We will continue tomorrow if it´s not raining

We keep all of you readers updated tomorrow

Idalina and Bernard
Åse and Frank

After pruning, not much left

Best regards
Åse and Lars

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