måndag 12 januari 2015

New boss-polygamist

Well you might not know this but I am the boss on this farm.
I am the boss
The one who calls himself boss, isn´t in fact. He only has one wife and she looks a bit dated. I´ve got 5 wives and the rumour says that I am going to get more. 3 new fresh wives are going to move in real soon. I can´t wait.
Every morning, except Thursdays and Sundays because they are hunting days and many loose dogs are around, we go out. Sometimes we go down in the vineyard and some times to the apple orchard. There are many good apples that have fallen off the trees. They´re a bit rotten now but we don´t mind.
We like when the humans rake. 
 If the humans are out raking there are so many nice insects appearing out of nowhere. Then we stay on the yard.
Chillin´on the veranda
Sometimes we hang on the frot veranda. if we are lucky the humans have put a bag of rubbish out there that we can destroy and go through. Nowadays they´ve learnt their lesson so ther are not many bags out there anymore.
looking after my wives
 They´ve got some dogs here as well but we are no alowwed to play with them. Maybe they are afraid of us or something. As you can see this dog is trying to run away when I chased him.
He is really scared of me as you can see.
It is a good life here but we really want a new chicken coop. The one we´ve got is cold and really ugly looking. The other Lars tells us that we might get one this year. We really hope so. So instead of painting, pruning the wine, raking and burning leaves. BUILD A NEW HOUSE FOR US:

/Senhor Lars-the rooster

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