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torsdag 1 januari 2015

In the pale cast of thought

Should have, could have ,would have.

This is me, sorry, WAS me. But not anymore. Since 17 hours I am a changed person. Brand new. Completely different.
I am not going to have second thoughts, question myself OR doubt myself anymore. All that have changed.

Or has it?

It is a new year and I try not to give New Year´s resolutions, but these two.

I will TRY not to think all these negative thoughts anymore. I will TRY to embrace every day.

So this morning I woke up with a smile and went out on our beautiful farm and looked around.
A farm with a view

What I saw took my breath away. I sniffed the air and could smell eucalyptus and spring flowers. I listened and could hear the birds but no traffic or noise. Once in a while I could hear our rooster.

Senhor Lars
This is where we want to be, even if we miss our family and friends. This is what I want to wake up to every day. Every day that passes we feel more and more relaxed. Even if we have a tremendous amount of work. Even if we would like to have more time to read, W love it here.
Next year maybe

Remove false and negative friends and thoughts, believe in yourself. This is what I want for 2015.

Take care/Ase

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2 kommentarer:

  1. I so much would come to visit you. Maybe one day! Please continue to live your dream! <3

    1. Hi Ullah
      You are very welcome. Yes we will continue to live our dream and loving every minute of it.