tisdag 13 januari 2015

The response from the real king


Today we have the reponse from Herman to yesterdays blog entry

Sr Lars, the rooster, said that I (Herman the old, the mean and the leader of the pack) was afraid of Sr Lars. I will now tell you the true story.
Sr Lars was, in the photo below, just seconds from, what we say in Portugal, a frango assado=grilled chicken. After this picture was taken I was just resting on the ground and Sr Lars was strutting around as he always does. Dad had made a big log fire on the yard........

Sr Lars thought I was sleeping and he tried to steal a little piece of bread that I had left for later. Mom thinks I like bread but I´m a dog and not a pidgeon!!! I love meat.

Ok I ate a little but it isn´t my favourite. I´m more a frango assado guy, like dad. My plan was to catch "the king" and grill him on the fire. Everything was working in the right direction, Sr Lars thought I was sleeping and tried to take my bread. When he was a foot from me I attacked. I have never seen a more scared and frighten rooster. Feather was flying in the air, but you know I´m over 80 years old and a little bit slower then I used to be so the damned rooster got away.

I missed a lovely meal this time but I´m still the king and I will be it for a long time, Sr Lars you shall be glad that you still are alive.

The real king on the farm



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