tisdag 6 januari 2015

Friendly Portugal


As you might know we have put in a new recuperador in our house to keep the house warm. The temperature during the night outside is around 0 so we need a really good log burner and dry wood.

We buy all our wood from a local family business. It´s run by a really nice couple. The first time we bought wood from them they delivered all the wood by a truck without any extra charge. As we went to their lumber yard to pay we were invited to taste the first harvest of roasted cestnuts and wine. Of course we stayed and tasted lovely cestnuts roasted over an open fire. Can this happen in Sweden? The answer is no, you pay and that´s it, no chestnuts and no wine.

Today we went down to their lumber yard to buy more wood. As we got in we immediatly felt that there was something wrong. The man was alone in the store and he had no energy at all. We asked if we could buy some more wood and if they could make a delivery in the end of this week. The man sad it was not possible because they were going to France. As we were talking the woman went out in her pyjamas and she was so sad. Everything was quiet at this point and she explaned that her brother had died and they were going to France to meet the the rest of the family and for the funeral. Then she started to cry.

All of a sudden the time stopped, we hugged her and sad that we were so sorry for her loss and that we would get back later. She saw in our eyes that we were so sorry for her loss and then she suggested that we could use their truck and make the delivery buy our own and pick the woods that we needed.

I can´t say that I have meet more friendly, open hearted and lovely people than the people in Portugal,

And of course we had some wine this time as well. But no chestnuts.



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