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söndag 1 december 2013

1st Advent

Today it is 1st of December and in Sweden we are celebrating 1st of Advent. The word advent is from the latin word adventus, which means coming. The one that is coming is of course Jesus even if we are not that religious in Sweden any more. The first of Advent is the beginning of the liturgical year.

I think it is a wonderful tradition to light the candles because it is pretty dark in Sweden. We also bake saffron buns and eat ginger bread snaps. Sometimes we drink Glögg, which is a kind of spicy warm wine drink.

saffron buns

ginger bread snaps

I haven´t baked the ones above. Whenever I try to bake them they look disgusting.

I had a wonderful day out today. The sun was shining and it was quite warm for the time of year. 8 degrees centigrade. It was a bit windy but the ride on Pontus was wonderful.

Then I went out and walked the dogs so I have been out quite much today.

I think I found out what the lawyer tried to tell us in his mail on Friday. All paper work on the vineyard have been approved. The cottage which wasn´t on the title deed was approved by the Camara but it might not be approved as a living accommodation. If the notario wants that as well it will be another wait so keep your fingers crossed that everything will be ready on Wednesday, when it is supposed to be registered

Now I am going to have another bun.

Peace to you all.


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