fredag 20 december 2013

Paper work ready

The paper work is ready!

We were so thrilled when we read the mail that said;

"This morning we received word that the needed  papers have been signed and entered in the system from both Camara and tax office  and will be made available to Luis the moment I have these received from the Engineer sometime soon. So once Luis has received these I shall coordinate with him a location and time where the deed can be signed January 6th."

This was three days ago and I had to read the words several times before I could understand.

Hopefully our lawyer got the papers by now so he can make up the contract

The reason it has taken so long time is, if I understand things coreectly, that we wanted the papers to be in order to be able to apply for a licens for Agro Turismo. The previous owners haven´t had any papers for that part. But we want everything to be in order and want to pay our taxes.

When they tried to get the papers in order the Camara noticed some things that weren´t in order about the size of the property and a building that wasn´t on the plan. They had to write everything in and get it approved and stamped in different departments.

Well enough of that. THE PAPERS ARE READY


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