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torsdag 5 december 2013


It has started to snow and my husband is still on his Portuguese lesson. I don´t like when he is out driving in bad weather. I hope he drives carefully and the weather isn´t getting any worse.

I was thinking about that we have been working too much on the house lately. We haven´t had so much fun. Maybe we cab come up with something fun to this weekend. The utility room is soon done and it is getting quite nice. I thought I was going to show you some picture how it is now. There are yet a thing or two to be done.

Oak bench done by my handy husband

Big utility room with hand woven carpet from Kalymnos

You throw the dirty laundry from the second floor through a
hole in a wardrobe straight down in the laundry basket


Take it easy if you are out there on the roads.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Den smutstvättanordningen gillar jag :-) Fyndigt! Och snyggt blev det

    1. Tack. Huvudsaken är väl att det ser rent och fräscht ut. Dessutom är den väldigt stor och det är ju bra om det är en barnfamilj tex. som köper huset.
      Vi har iaf haft god nytta av den även innan renoveringen.