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lördag 7 december 2013

To face the truth

To face the truth is sometimes hard. This week has been mentally challenging. First the paper work on the farm weren´t ready and we gave up the thought of owning the farm this year. Now we are aiming for January but everything feels so unsure. Maybe we are getting a bit cynical and negative but what else can we be thinking about the holidays. Maybe the Camara doesn´t work between Christmas and New year´s.

Another thing that I have to face is still not official but I will tell about it later when it is. Nothing dangerous though.

Getting dinner ready and inside it is warm and cozy but outside it is oh so cold. It is hard to walk the dogs because the pavements are covered in ice and you risk falling so many times. I really hate when it is so slippery outside. You try to not be so tense because it is easier to fall but it is hard not to.

We had a nice walk in the woods earlier today and the sun was out. Really beautiful weather but cold. The ground in the wood wasn´t slippery so it was nice walking there.

the guys
Afterwards wo thought of doing something fun so we went to a local Christmas Fair. So stupid we felt because the fair was a joke. It had basically nothing nice at all going on. I like when many local producers sell their food but here they had basically nothing. We went home quite depressed because we wanted to do something for a change. Not just stay at home and refurbish the house.

The dinner look nice though


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