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lördag 30 november 2013

I just don´t get it

First of all I got a good whipping for my blog entry from yesterday. I wrote that I wanted rubber boats and many of my friends liked  it a lot. That is of course wrong. I want rubber boots for Christmas and nothing else. I will not even blush over that mistake. I give it to you all as a early Christmas Gift.

Tomorrow it will be first advent and December 1st. This means that I hopefully have spent my last November in Sweden for many years. I hope I will not regret writing this down in blog. Maybe i will be back in Sweden by this time next year crying and wondering what on earth got in to my mind when I thought I wanted to live in Portugal.

We got an email from our very good lawyer yesterday and he had some good news and some news we didn´t understand.

Maybe someone out there will understand it and explain it to us. The first half we understand, with the good news parts, but the rest. Well here it is.

"The engineer called me yesterday to explain all the details of this project.
The process has been approved by the City Hall: good news. 
The decision of the approval will be signed by next Wednesday: good news.
The sellers will collect the license for construction: good news.

Then I will ask the agents if the notary will accept to sign the deed with the license for construction.
If not, we have to wait for the license if using, which will take 15 days approximately (counting from the collection of the license for construction).
If so, it is possible to sign the deed but we need to confirm and put it in the paper that the sellers will pay for the collection of the license of using.
The engineer did not mention the costs of this license but it can several hundreds of Euros."


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