måndag 9 december 2013

marking and grading

Every day life when you are a teacher. I never stops, especially when you are a Swedish/English teacher. At least it fells that way. The pupils always get a second chance to do a test again. Sometimes they get a third and a fourth chance which means i mark and mark and the pupils will never make it (or sometimes they do).

Now it is that time of year when the teachers are grading their students. That means that they are getting everything from the students that was supposed to be "in" a long time ago.

Sometimes I feel like I want to say to them. "When the train has left, it is gone."

A bit of snow has fallen and keeps coming. I dream of a snow free life but the papers are still not ready but we have a signing date put up. January 6 is now the date we hope the farm will be ours. We are still going over Christmas. Unfortunately we can´t start with the work we had set out to do which will delay us the upcoming season. But what can we do?

We´re waiting and hoping


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