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torsdag 5 december 2013

Three white swans

I walked the dogs yesterday evening. It was a beautiful one and ground was about to freeze in some parts.It was very dark but all the christmas lights shone in all gardens and windows. There was also a lot of stars visible. All of a sudden I heard a funny noise from the sky and I and all the dogs looked up. As golden, three white swans flew by. Their bodies reflected all the lights from the ground and the glittered and shimmered. It was truly a beautiful moment.

Tonight Lars is on his last Portuguese lesson and I am home alone with the dogs. I am so tired after the days work so I think I will hit the sack quite early tonight.

A storm is coming in tonight and it is clearly very much colder inside because of the wind. I have lit a lot of candles and it is nice sitting here with all the dogs around me. Still I feel a bit sad. Sad about things that isn´t but should have been.

Maybe tomorrow is a better day.


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