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tisdag 17 december 2013

Some light in the darkness

Some light is popping up though. We got some positive news from the real estate agent yesterday.

They are starting to fix the newly built patio (ours, not guests) It needs some paint and a big pile of dirt needs to be removed.

A construction company is coming in the end of the week to start building the stairs from the pool area up to upper vineyard where our intentions are to build a wood burning hot tub. We want it so you can sit there under the stars and sip a glass of wine after a long day of exploring the area, wine harvest or whatever.

They are spraying the infested beams this weekend when nobody is in the main building.

So it seems they can have everything ready if the papers will be ready til January 6 when the preliminary date is set for signing the deed.

I am doing the last two days at work this semester which is also nice. Then I will have a good Christmas holiday in Portugal. It is going to be lovely. The weather isn´t so nice nor warm there right now but I don´t care. Sitting by the fire reading books, having dinner with good friends and do some more exploring of the area wil be good as well.

Have a nice day


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