måndag 9 december 2013

Time Out

The last couple of weeks mind twisting, maybe travelling, maybe getting a vineyard and a lot of work had made us confused, angry and a bit sad. All work and no play. It was time for us to get a time out.

The day started with us getting up quite early. I was going to the stable and a session with ol´ Pontus and Lasse was going to walk the dogs, paint and other things around the house. I spent about three hours in the stable and it was snowing a lot. Pontus was in a bad mood since all his mates had gone out to play in the snow and he was stuck in the stable with me. I rode and did all the chores and let Pontus go out into the paddock. He was really happy and showed it by chasing all other horses trying to bite them. After I went home to have lunch and a shower.

We started to discuss if were going to do something else after the disaster with the very boring Christmas Fair on Saturday. There has been so many maybes and musts these last weeks, the whole autumn as a matter of fact. We decided to go and see a movie in Gothenburg and to have a meal out. The movie we agreed upon was "Monica Z" but before that we went to Lai Wa, a Chinese restaurant which is our favourite Chinese.

The food was good, the film was excellent. All in all a very good evening.
Dark, wet and cold Gothenburg

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