måndag 16 december 2013

Lousy weather

Really lousy weather outside today. The weather combined with the winter season makes it so dark outside. It doesn´t get light during the whole day. You have to have all lights on inside just to be able to see. I am lighting candles, morning and night so you will get that cozy feeling.

Yesterday I took Pontus for a walk. i went down to the stable quite early and made him ready, grooming, fixing his water and food. Then we went out and it was all of a sudden a beautiful quiet morning. We met two joggers but apart from them it was only Pontus and I. After about 15 minutes a light drizzle started and 10 minutes later the wind took off. The rain now came from the side and it wasn´t so amusing anymore. I reached for my riding gloves in my pockets only to find that had brought to left ones. I rode with one on and the other left in my pocket.

Well at home, after a shower and some lunch I decided to take a nap. The evening was quiet and we enjoyed a fabulous dinner made by moi.

No news regarding the farm more than the usual nonsense. The sellers have problems completing things that we agreed upon so there has been a large number of emails going back and forth between us and the real estate agent.

It will be so good to finally complete this deal whenever this is going to happen so we can start doing the things we want to do. Now everything is delayed due to paper work not being ready.

Will let you know whenever things are moving in the right direction.


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