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lördag 14 december 2013

post dog

We admit. We´re crazy. We have three dogs. What kind of normal people have three dogs if you don´t run kennel. We do.  The dogs we own are stray dogs, from the street and spayed.

One is old. Going on his 12th year, could be more. Nobody really knows. I came to think what will you do after he is gone. He is the mentor of the pack and my dearest friend.

The thing is that you have to prepare for a life without him. Can you? Is it possible? It is painful to even think about it. I cannot say what life would be without him. It feels he has been with with us forever. What was life before him. I don´t know but it must have been empty and cold because with him in my life it is warm and sunny.

He is getting old. He has cataract on both his eyes. It is not so bad yet but is getting worse. he is a little bit more tired in the morning and he goes to bed earlier at night. Otherwise he is ok. He plays with his brothers and enjoys his walks and he sure loves his food. But, he is getting older. What will I possibly do without him?

I don´t know. Can´t even imagine.

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