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onsdag 31 juli 2013


In Stockholm they are celebrating the Pride festival. I have never been there during this festival but it looks like a lot of fun.
I try to have an open mind and I don´t always succeed but I am working on it. Sometimes I don´t get all the different labels people put on their own sexuality. Queer, bi, homo, lesbian, gay, trans and so forth. Does it really matter what sex you prefer or what gender you are attracted to? As long as you are happy and don´t hurt anyone you can call yourself anything as far as I am concerned.

But what I don´t understand is how homosexuality can be illegal or why some people are so afraid and angry. Why can´t people be left alone and accepted for who they are.

I read Rickard Soderberg´s blog about the situation for homosexuals in Russia. How people get tortured by homofobics. They film the torture and release the films and the police is doing nothing. Some young people have committed suicide after. It makes me want to cry. I hope the HBT people can raise their heads with pride. Not all people in the world are prejudice.

I will put a rainbow flag on our home page so HBT people always will feel welcome at our quinta.

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