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torsdag 25 juli 2013

way to go Mc Donald´s Portugal

On our last journey to Portugal in June we had to grab a lunch quickly. On this occasion we went to Mc Donald´s, an establishment we seldom enter.

There weren´t that many people there. Something I have noticed in Greece for instance as well. In many Mediterranian countries lunch is kind of sacred and isn´t anything they think of lightly. Lunch can be a 2-3 hours business and is normally the largest meal of the day. In Spain and Portugal you can get a 3-course meal with wine and coffee for 8-10 euros. In Greece fast food chains have tried to establish many times but when you have your own fast food in form of pita gyros (meat, tomatoes, onions in a pita bread with tzatziki and chips) for about 2 euros why go to some other American fast food chain?

gyro pita

But if to return to Mc donald´s this specific lunch in Portugal. I ordered a hamburger, a salad and mineral water. I was very surprised when I got a small bottle of extra virgin olive oli for my salad.Even the Mc Donald´s restaurant met its customers´demand and provided them with high quality salad oil. No mysterious dressings here.

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