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fredag 12 juli 2013

Planning the day

Yet another beautiful day. But no beach for me today since I am quite busy. Today we´re baking the cakes, making glaze for the meat, making sauce, boiling the rest of the meat, making the oven omelettes. At the same time there are a lot clothes to be washed and a really messy kitchen to take care of. Yuk!

But I am not complaining because it is going to be a lot of fun tomorrow when I´m having my birthday party.
When this is over I am going to read a lot, ride Pontus, go to the beach (if the weather allows it) and starting with the home page for the quinta. Hopefully we can let some of the apartments on the vineyard next summer. If the bookings start to come in we can hopefully move there soon. If there will be no bookings we just have to wait.  The waiting is the worst since you want to start your new life NOW. Dream on dream on.

Lasse has decided that we are going to Stockholm for a weekend in the end of July. He wants to make up for  the "no surprise" birthday I had in Lisbon. I said that it wasn´t necessary but he insisted so this time he is planning it all. I am not allowed to do anything at all. Just sit still in the boat and enjoy the ride. Ok I will do that.Pretty nice of him.

Going back to my kitchen chores


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